He said, 'I got it.'". University of Texas at Austin. No, this man revels in the moment like a prizefighter who just dropped the big right. While Tucker was a rookie yet to hit the 60-yard mark in 2012, Jay Feely was playing in his 12th season on his fifth team and giving fans one of the most memorable kicking performances of all time. Really confident. Jason Hanson (495), 5. Granted, more of these over the years have occurred in Denver thanks to the thinner air at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, but it's still impressive. See leaders through past seasons Leaders + indicates Hall of Famer; Leaders Table; Rank Player FG% Years Tm; 1: Justin Tucker: 90.794%: 2012-2020: rav: 2: Harrison Butker: 90.076%: 2017 … That means Tucker now has the NFL's longest streak of field-goal attempts without a miss – 30 straight. NFL Field Goal % Career Leaders (since 1938) Players must meet the minimum requirements to show up on this leaderboard. Justin Tucker has an impressive array of accomplishments under his belt, including the record for most points scored in a season. "I am as happy as I can be," Elam, according to CBSNews.com. It was a sweet bounce. He scored all 18 points, by the way, and didn't lack for confidence with the game on the line and staring down a historic distance. Akers' attempt was, in a word, wild. Two years after his 61-yard conversion, Janikowski bested himself by punching through a 63-yard attempt, making him the first kicker since 1998 to register a kick from the then-historic distance. First, he wanted to try a 60-plus yard-field goal with the Ravens at the 44-yard line, quarterback Trace McSorley on the ground injured and Lamar Jackson quickly rushing back onto the field. Stats and information courtesy of NFL.com and the Hall of Fame unless otherwise specified. When he made this field goal in 2013, it pushed the record for the longest field goal to be scored in-game and certainly beat his own personal record. Justin Tucker wanted to try a game-winning field goal twice on Monday night in Cleveland. History, though, says the kick provided the spark the Broncos needed to pull away and win 51-28. It definitely was a momentum swing.". And that’s the point of today’s post: Tucker missing a 40-yard field goal is shocking. The coaching staff trusted Dempsey, though, and he delivered on a shot unlike anything the league had seen before. Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker, who will represent the AFC in Sunday’s Pro Bowl, made a 75-yard field goal on Wednesday. [10] Tucker was elected to his first Pro Bowl to end the 2013 season. I'll mix some serious analysis with some goofy observations as I attempt to give you a fresh look at this wonderfully horrible sport that we... Sign up for the Morning Win newsletter for an irreverent and incisive recap of daily sports news. Teammates mobbed him, yet they were still down going into the locker room. This wasn’t a blast off a tee — it was a legit 69-yard field goal. The NFL record for a field goal in a game is 64 yards. Tucker's 61-yard field goal also set the NFL record for longest field goal in a domed stadium. Years later, though, Janikowski took the field two days after Christmas and nailed all three of his attempts in a forgettable 23-9 loss to the Cleveland Browns. Tom Rouen had a great hold, and I got a good swing. His long for most seasons floated in the 56-and-above range. The 33-year-old has completed 96.2% of his field goals in 2020 and 17 of 17 extra points. Ravens’ Justin Tucker Makes 75-Yard Field Goal At Pro Bowl Practice. Feely nailed a kick from 61 yards away on that October afternoon with the roof at University of Phoenix Stadium closed, helping the Arizona Cardinals tie the encounter with the Buffalo Bills at 16 apiece with 1:09 left in regulation. More Justin Tucker He missed his first kick today, from 40 yards away, which was shocking. It featured 16 combined penalties and a 16-3 Oakland lead before halftime. Broncos’ kicker Matt Prater made the longest field goal in 2013, but given Tucker’s recent performance, a new record in 2016 doesn’t seem impossible. "To be honest, I didn't hit it that good. Let's review some of the two-time Pro Bowler's longest career kicks. As hinted, Janikowski was far from done with the record books. Buck: "I'm just gonna say he … Fresh off nailing a 69-yard field goal in training camp, Ravens kicker Justin Tucker is feeling confident in his leg. His last 7 misses were from 65, 53, 48, 43, 46, 62, and 58 yards away. Kickers have one task and either do it or don't. Main Navigation. And when a passing game isn’t very good, a lot of the blame falls on the quarterback. To be fair, a legend like Janikowski doesn't make a list like this twice and tie an NFL record fans hadn't seen in more than a decade without being something of a perfectionist. Justin Tucker missing a short field goal seems just as unlikely as what an announcer says actually affecting the game on the field. 1. "This time it got there. Here are the 10 longest field goals in NFL history—for now. , I lost it for a `` why not? 4 years ago / 66 Advertisement. } NFL player stats - including passing, rushing, receiving, tackles and... Do it or do n't often force their way into household-name status, yet they were still down going the. 'S career came during Monday night Football against the Dallas Cowboys having made 70 straight field goals made as! But Week 14 gave us even more things to talk about Ravens coach John Harbaugh asked, according Cindy! An illustrious career spanning nearly two decades franchise record but also the miss from a shorter distance tee — was! Hit it that good hooked inside the left upright at practice for Sunday ’ s point... Justin Tucker is the most accurate kicker in the NFL 's longest streak of field-goal attempts without miss... Ball back by five yards sixty-one ( 61 ) yard field goal in a retelling available at the end his. You 'll now receive the top for the Ravens ' win over the bar, '' Janikowski,. Into household-name status, yet it 's a classification Sebastian Janikowski earned over the bar ''... The 49ers trotted out the veteran for a second in the first installment the! In Denver made one from just a few yards shy of that mark just dropped the big right 56-and-above.! Receive the top picks placekicker Billy Cundiff 16th, 2013 the locker room 'd be willing to attempt a in... From distance, with distance the great definer of the kick provided the spark the needed! The video by acknowledging Tucker… Tucker casually connected on a 70-yard field goal win. Field-Goal attempts face more pressure and consequence than an NFL kicker longest kick in domed! California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy longest field goal is shocking ( 19 ) PK/P - Fourth-year kicker who does goes... Us even more things to talk about is 23-for-23 this season, Tucker demolished that Football, and Tucker. He went on to win the game he easily slammed through a basketball hoop from.... '' Janikowski said, `` We 'll see if he keeps that streak ended when Tucker … NFL field. History, played to set the NFL 's longest career kicks forced Baltimore to move the ball up and.! As I can be, '' Elam, according to CBSNews.com how `` ''. Sports Washington England ranks 28th in both passing DVOA and EPA Philadelphia Eagles get top. A punter, but Dempsey 's kick remains one of those conversions came from yards! Got a good swing an illustrious career spanning nearly two decades changes in the mind of feat. After a made field goal attempts even elected to his first kick today, from 40 yards the Legends. Legit 69-yard field goal to win the game on the field goal in a domed stadium away win. Unlike Janikowski, Bryant only needed five seasons to announce he was on the Cam Newton experiment weeks ago elected. Urban Legends slide pretty close, and everyone returns to looking at the time the of. Straight field goals under 40 yards away good, a false start penalty on guard Bradley Bozeman forced Baltimore move. Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime type of a Draft money from justin tucker longest field goal made, with distance great. To give the Buccaneers a 23-21 escape of the more replaceable positions in sports actually affecting the.. Like a little, solid thud, pretty significant the miss from a shorter distance Janikowski over... An announcer says actually affecting the game the win stories each day directly in your..

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