And also the actor who plays Dustin is bad. The only half decent ones are probably Invader Zim and Drake and Josh. The rest of Nickelodeon's shows don't have as much of a pull as this one still has on me. In 1990, Nickelodeon opened Nickelodeon Studios, a television studio/attraction at Universal Studios Florida in Orlando which many of its sitcoms and game shows were filmed and entered into a multimillion-dollar joint marketing agreement with international restaurant chain Pizza Hut, which provided Nickelod… Nick is a Cajun Country native, and is often asked why he doesn't sound like that's the case. And from what I know, I do too. As to be number two to Sponge Bob because we know Sponge Bob isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Tier list methodology. It was actually pretty funny and had this fast and wacky style. ", "how rude! " I loved that show, especially for the pre-movie episodes and post-sequel episodes. So in reality she doesn't even deserve them. show, the second most popular Nick show after SpongeBob, and had great character. What made me a bit upset was the fact that they made a nerd jo ke in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! They're both hilarious, Cosmo a little more than Wanda though. Blues Clues (I put it here because I watched it when I was a 4 year old)8. So far, 3 … And now there is only one thing left to say. Dude, You are one seriously crazed-up fruit loop if you don't think this should be #1! Anyways, iCarly is my favorite Nickelodeon sitcom cause it feels realistic, but not over the top, so the episodes are still fun and watchable. Totally kyle! It is centered around the best main characters. Butch Hartman did a good job with Fairly OddParents, but Danny Phantom extended to a much more mature audience, while at the same time children could enjoy it. The show originated as a pilot for Cartoon Network before being Greenlit as a series on Nickelodeon in 2015. -Danny Fenton. There was actual, intelligent humor, not like iCarly or Victorious. I mean, come on! They were pretty hilarious to begin with. America's most entertaining animal acts wow us with exciting performances in the craziest and most ridiculous competition known to the animal kingdom! I like how every character sings or dances at some point in the show. Archived. Please I beg of you bring it back in 2014! Nickelodeon (often shortened to Nick) is an American pay television channel which was first tested on December 1, 1977 before it was officially launched on April 1, 1979 as the first cable channel for children. Type: TV Series. Some parts were a little cheesy, but other than that, 10/10 show. Seriously? The great thing about the Rugrats was those characters. I laugh when I see kids now getting into it, thinking it's something brand new. Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide and Drake and Josh are both my favorite shows on Nickelodeon! And the acting done is truly superb. Nickelodeon’s highest rated sitcom, Drake & Josh was one of Nick’s most popular live action TV shows. Votes: 7,632 I am now in love with it! And in the new series of avatar there are cars and technology that's just bull. Rugrats also had 3 movies which weren't that great to be honest. Nick kept censoring and banning certain episodes and then cancelled the show. Nickelodeon uses cookies. The only downside to this show was that there weren't enough episodes. Here's a list. This thread is archived. All the lessons that is taught me as a child are still applicable to my life now and really help me a lot. I didn't watch it much and then it ended but I had 2 episodes I'd always watch. Those both are great and some Nickelodeon Shows Today are not good! I'm working with several impressive partners, who's identities I can not expose until Project Massive starts in late July. I hope The Loud House has many seasons because I am such a huge fan of The Loud House. The whole show is great; from the characters to the writing they just don't make shows like this anymore.The only thing that could possible make this show better would be to make another movie. And I can think of a whole long list of reasons why House of Anubis is better than Victorious. HOWEVER, I'm not exactly sure if it actually "ended." The stories aren't super crazy and ridiculous to where it seems like the scenarios wouldn't happen in real life, which makes you feel even MORE connected to the show. Remember kids, listen to your faithful friend, RockoFTWToriVegaSucks, and you'll have a better childhood. but John K. shouldn't have been fired. The issues discussed in the show were somehow made funny and enjoyable, and are relatable even at the college level, let alone middle school where the show took place.There's always going to be a special place in my heart for this show. But it has been so long since I've watched it so I just started watching it again and still love it and all of interesting concepts like the cluster. Report Save. Where we've finally found a cartoon that's creative and original, and it's actually been topping SpongeBob in the ratings! 100 Things to Do Before High School (2014–2016), Nickelodeon A.N.T. This is how Nickelodeon does a show right. Show. Watch VICTORIOUS! The Brothers Garcia12. How come this is not higher on the list? I have a baby nephew, and I want him to experience Rugrats like I did & everyone out there who grew up watching it and has kids of they're own now to see. But I honestly think it needs MUCH more respect. 86% Upvoted. 40. But yes, it was an awesome show, but I could see why it got cancelled. Its not a show where you can just watch an episode and understand it. The best show on Nickelodeon, no question. ", "Have mercy! One thing about Nickelodeon is that they are a bunch of pussies. Check out my Tier List video of who are returning for the reboot. If you think they don't have any talent, or that it is a stupid show or you are just a plain Victorious-hater, just look up 5 Fingaz to the Face. Also, there is a diverse cast of heroes and villains that have different skill sets. 4K Views. This show is my favorite nickelodeon show of all time. The Amanda Show6. Zoey 101 is by far the best show of all time. super brawl 3: good vs evil, super brawl, nickelodeon, tier list, flash games, fighting games. I also love how the show's plot lines mostly consist of taking the advances of living in a large household and making them into fun entertaining stories. I just wish they had the 2 movie where Arnold and his classmates go to San Lorenzo to find Arnold's parents. I was pretty upset when it ended. 10 iCarly iCarly is an American teen sitcom that ran on Nickelodeon from September 8, 2007 until November 23, 2012. Saved by the bell. But otherwise, this show is beautiful a masterpiece. It is a great combination of romance mystery and comedy. Wiki Activity; Random page; Community; Videos; Images; Forum. Man's Best Friend (which wasn't really all that violent) wasn't the only reason John K was fired. All in all, this should be number 1. It is my childhood. In 1990, Nickelodeon opened Nickelodeon Studios, a television studio/attraction at Universal Studios Florida in Orlando which many of its sitcoms and game shows were filmed and entered into a multimillion-dollar joint marketing agreement with international restaurant chain Pizza Hut, which provided Nickelod… I mean, seriously, not EVERYTHING in the show was meant only for adults.Can't we all just talk about why this show is so great? Even later when new shows arrived and I started watching old shows, this stayed the best.Other shows of mention are The Amanda Show, Kenan and Kel, Victorious, Spongebob Squarepants, and True Jackson VP. I love the jokes, characters, and animation. I HATE that they made Timmy share is fairies with that girl now, that lowkey ruined the show. The tier list is counted with the sum of all the veteran characters with total scores in Eventhubs (SSB4) and the total of the rankings of all the Nickelodeon VS. But still, awesome show, and Nick should bring it back. If you've got anything to contribute, please do. Aaahh! When I was a kid, I was allowed to watch it. Truly, Truly, truly, truly THE BEST! One of the best shows I've ever watched and that is saying something. Thank you for the show, Butch Hartman. Smash Ultimate Tier List Maker. I am so proud to say that House of Anubis has never had any sort of that stuff. Hollywood Salaries Revealed: Who Makes What on the Lot and on … And it wasn't one of those movies that only airs on the T.V. Drag and drop items from the bottom and put them on your desired tier. It has Drama, romance, comedy and more importantly the mystery. Then... they made the ultimate mistake. The show is fun to watch and enjoyable but nothing for people that have no humor like some people in these comments. NO just NO. Ultimate Tier List! in: Playable Characters, Nickelodeon. This is created without custom moves. Zoey 1013. This show is truly the best show in the history of shows. When you have a series where almost any episode can be considered someone's favorite because they're all good in their own rights is pretty amazing. It's a joke I swear. Sometimes it's difficult for the whole family to sit down and watch prime-time TV together, so we assembled this I know it's a long wait, but I really can't express how close we are to having Zim again. :,) If you're watching today's generation of Nicktoons, then you're definitely missing out on fantastic shows like this! I loved iCarly. Is truly a classic! - Too boring people are not allowed to laugh 235,000,000 people don't want a one woman show including your parents because you might make Cat and Tori cry and Jade very angry.There was no stories, not nice voice and no connections around your character and Someone own Chicago. A Pal For Gary, One Coarse Meal, Stuck In a Wringer. Before 'Boy Band' begins tonight at 8 p.m. A sitcom created by Dan Schneider FANDOM ... Lawl Tier List. It makes me happy when I see it come on Nick. So I made my own. I swear television has DIED. This such a creative and well thought out show. ), The first 8 seasons were OK. Goosebumps9. I carly should be tied with Rugrats because it is so funny and has so many interesting features. Now that I'm older, the jokes are even funnier because I remember and understand them, and since I'm a teen, I can very easily relate to the show. Is truly a great show. Especially with the final scene of all the characters dancing at the prom and a soft piano version of the song 'Follow Me'. I need you to know that this is the highest rated show on Nick and the show that's last the longest and has still not been cancelled. You get to slowly grow up with Danny as he goes from an unsure, clumsy boy to a brave super hero, willingly to do anything for the ones he loves. Spongebob in comparison used to be great, but after the movie the level of hilarity decreased and the interest went down. Otherwise, you can click “X” to close this banner. Harvey Beaks is the main reason Nick is better than Cartoon Network. But I think Nick overreacted to MBF. She's a literal psychopath. Season 6 and 7 Were the Worst! Celebrated Star Wars And Archer Voice Actor Tom Kane Suffers Stroke, Loses Ability To Speak, American Dad's Stan Saved Christmas In About The Most Warped Way Possible, TIL The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Creator Wishes The Turtles Weren’t So Obsessed With Pizza, Eli Goree: 8 Things To Know About The Riverdale Actor, Rogue One’s Alan Tudyk Reveals The ‘Tricky' Aspect Of Shooting The Star Wars Film, This Is Us: What To Watch Streaming If You Like The NBC Drama, Steve Martin Has Thoughts On Whether Planes, Trains And Automobiles Should Have An Oxford Comma, Aw, Dwayne Johnson Helps His Daughter With Her Hair In Adorable Post, 'One Night In Miami' Interviews With Regina King, Leslie Odom Jr. And More, Letterkenny Interviews with Nathan Dales, Michelle Mylett, K. Trevor Wilson & More, Kevin Feige Talks Marvel Phase Four, Disney+, WandaVision & More, The Mortal Kombat Movie: 7 Quick Things We Know About The 2021 Film, Halle Berry Talks Her Interracial Family And Why Seeing Black Women On The Big And Small Screen Was So Important, Jared Leto Responds To Morbius Delay With Bernie Sanders Meme, Why Law And Order: SVU's Olivia Benson Will Risk Her Career In Inexplicable New Case, Enter For A Chance To Win CinemaBlend's Marvel Loot Crate Giveaway, Johnny Depp’s Habits Had Reportedly Started Affecting His Work During Murder On The Orient Express, American Dad Co-Creator Has Another Awesome-Sounding TV Show In The Works, Why It Was Way Better To Recast Family Guy's Cleveland Than To Cut The Character, According To One Producer, Family Guy's Showrunners on Stewie's First Word And Curb Your Enthusiasm Reference In Season 19 Premiere, Family Guy’s Mike Henry And Replacement Star Have A Fun Exchange As The Torch Is Passed. Best. 1. share. 29. But then Butch got this crazy idea that adding new characters would improve the ratings when in reality he's driving the show to the brink! You would rather watch Icarly instead of Jimmy Neutrons!? The girls room! Danny and his sister, Jazz, don't have the typical brother/sister hate relationship in the cartoon. Category page. One of my favourite Nickelodeon shows. A lifetime spent in the vicinity of a television screen led to his current dream job, as well as his knowledge of too many TV themes and ad jingles. I can easily say, this has to be my #1. But other than season1,2,4 and Dustin and the no humor part, it is pretty good. This show is great and should be ranked higher. The characters are really good and act like real life tweens. I like Zoey 101 but Full House is truly the BEST! ... iCarly is a Nickelodeon sitcom starring Miranda Cosgrove that ran from 2007 to 2012, and is also coming back for a revival on Paramount+! Ugh! Now, we're working on a massive event, code-named "Project Massive". I remember watching the show since I was 4 and now I'm 18 and still watching it. But anyways, untill you get to season four you haven't experienced this show. 1 year ago. The main bully, the biggest brat. But amazing show, I use to watch it everyday when I came home from school and I sometimes watch it now. Here is my opinion in VicTorious here is some of my most favorite characters- Elizabeth gillies Ariana grande and avan jogia and the most favorite character I should pick from victorious is ELIZABETH GILLIES and I think Liz gillies is pretty an the prettiest character on victorious and I think Liz gillies has amazing singing voice! List of every TV series aired on Nickelodeon Nickandmore! House of Anubis is not only mysterious, but unlike most of the Nickelodeon shows, this show has a point to it. I love Drake and Josh not only the show but the actual people. It should be number 1! Otherwise, you can click “Continue” to close this banner. While it’s only been in the latter part of its evolution that television has fully embraced. I miss all 6 of the babies, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil & Lil, Dil and Kimi. best. Along Jimmy Neutron, this show gave the channel a major spotlight. Please, if you don‘t like iCarly, just shut up and don‘t vote for it. Find out how you can watch full episodes on our apps and other streaming platforms. Some might be good for mindless filler or killing time; others are just eye candy; and still others are just cringey. I saw Lucas do a video like this and I 1. did not agree and 2. thought it looked fun. Although not everyone likes this show, I will always have it close to my heart. Rugrats3. From Helga's passionate love we can see compassion and teens relate to her angst and perhaps even negligence. Even though SpongeBob wins KCA's has he ever been nominated for an Emmy? I just can't describe how much I love Quinn and Logan together. Eh, not so much.While the post-sequel episodes tend to make references to Seasons 1-4, I somehow loved how this show turned out.When it comes to the first three seasons, they were really quotable and have some good episodes like "Band Geeks". It was a pure sitcom. I am absolutely in LOVE with this show! Full House is the best show. Unfortunately, it's not popular on this site because of SOME people *GASP* person *WHEEZE* that can't keep their mouths shut from spewing their nasty opinions of this show that they think everyone should hear. Claim Authorship Edit History. If you don't like this show, your missing out big time. ICarly is nothing compared to this. Because of Invader Zim I've ...more, Invader Zim has always been my favorite cartoon and show of all time. Okay let's start. A good matchup with SpongeBob. The characters feel real and you can relate to them. I for one, would never, ever, ever like all that ancient Egypt facts, but they use them at moments you least expect it then a great wave of sense comes you and it leaves you in awe. Gibbs is weird and it is weird that he takes off his shirt but that is the point in his character. (I didn't mention the Fairly OddParents movie cause it sucked. Every patch, our experts curate a predictive tier list for climbing solo queue based recent buffs, nerfs, and trends. Love invader zim, as well as jthm. Her music is WOAT tier, she drugged and robbed men and she even used to be a stripper. The Fairly Oddparents7. It's been nine years and I'm still watching it on Nicktoons. Nickelodeon today announced the renewal of the Emmy® Award-winning series Friends, from Warner Bros. Television, for its nighttime programming block Nick at Nite. I wish Beck Oliver and Jade West are now good couples. No, and Emmy's are obviously bigger than KCA's. It had awesome skits, great characters, and some of the best comedy on Nickelodeon. So you wanna win $5! How to Rock was Nickelodeon's attempt to cash in on a more musically-inclined live-action sitcom, featuring an aspiring popstar named Kacey Simon, played by singer-songwriter, Cymphonique Miller. And most of all. The other shows try to hard to be funny and use fake laughter in the background when the script is not even funny its annoying. Our story begins in a high school, where a once-popular mean girl named Kacey gets kicked out of her former girl band (labeled “The Perfs”) for wearing braces and a pair of glasses. He is awesome. network, just like SpongeBob it got put in actual movie theaters, and honestly, I think the Jimmy Neutron movie was a lot better than the SpongeBob Movie. My favorites on here are some of my favorite cartoons of all time though. Stars: Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Thomas Mikal Ford, Carl Anthony Payne II. show has a mix of drama, mystery, romance, comedy, and it keeps viewers at the edge of their seat. 10/10. He's fun-loving, childish, happy-go-lucky, and just overall cute. So yeah! Fairly Odd Parents, a nice play on words by the way. Textile Embed. Sitcom Tier List. I only change the channel to nick just to watch Avatar. 1 Nicktoons 2 Live-action shows 2.1 Variety programs 2.2 Sitcoms 2.3 Game shows 2.4 Drama series 2.5 Other live-action shows 3 Nick Jr. shows Please see the Nicktoons page for a list of original animated series. Damn fresh prince should be a tier. Sanjay and Craig6. (But not a reboot. I'd like to see an ending to the series, but I don't see that happening sadly. George mistreated Ren and Stimpy (especially Ren) and teased them and made their new home a boot camp. And yet, Danny Phantom is still my favorite show over Spongebob, and I can tell everyone confidently that it always will be. Nickelodeon has unveiled a slate of greenlighted live-action and animated series and pilots (some of which Deadline has written about) both for its daytime kids channel and nighttime Nick at Nite. No matter what, this is my favorite Nickelodeon show of all time. So everyone has forgotten just how good of quality this show was. These kind of shows makes you feel happy no matter how hard your day was. "Hi people" etc. And James a guy who always looks after his hair and give everything he needs to go on a date with perfect girl. But it got later screwed up. For example: Luna loves rock and roll, Lynn loves sports, Luan loves comedy, Lucy loves being scary, etc. Real Monsters (I don't care if the show looked gross I liked it)3. Best of all, it runs me back to my Diary of a Wimpy Kid days ( not the movies they are terrible and complete ripoffs). Absolutely incredible. Thank you for your lessons, Danny. I didn't like Nicole and Dana and I just hated that chase left in fourth season. This really put FS down on the my pony tier list for me, and the episode ultimately leaves a sour taste in my mouth. For Nickelodeon channels in other countries, see Nickelodeon around the world. I could talk for days about this show so let me tell you what it is about.A group of boys try out for the 5-a-side school football team but they're absolutely terrible and don't make the cut. I forgot it for about 3 years and then I saw a picture on Instagram and decided to look up episodes, and here I am today watching all the episodes over and over again. ! Anyone can watch this television show; child, teen, or even adult. Oh, and Tony Pajamas :) It may not have run for the longest time, but The Amanda Show was a small piece of comedic genius that kick-started the careers of its main actors. Along with Drake and Josh, this show was top-tier and embodied all of the troubles of school. Jade and Beck are awesome together, their relationship is awesome and funny. Stick with cartoon movies Nick, and I can't believe in that movie he liked Tootie, she's gross) This show is great because the animation never changed, even once. The following is a list of events, premieres, releases, cancellations, series endings, and other business ventures for Nickelodeon in 2021. "Stranded" was my all-time favorite skit - I could watch those again and again, even today, and still laugh like crazy. More to this list’s point, she’s a dashing lady who is always into the chase, and she’s the first character I can think of, real or animated, that ever made me think a hat was hot. My Fave song ever. A perfect blend of characters. It has a great story unlike those dumb cartoons. Since the cancellation of Danny Phantom in 2007, I lost a lot of faith in the channel and decided to give up on it, with the exceptions of iCarly and Legend of Korra. Though that was misunderstood but yet loves our beloved Arnold 'd like to see it make it funny must your... Show first aired on Nickelodeon from September 8, 2007 and quickly became an phenomenon! Miss this show is fun to watch this awesome show, but the show went downhill once Pickles! Into my mind does to a woman’s body jokes go all over the.... To Nick just to watch the whole series out when I see it make it to the character,. Too funny for me Ultra League, you have n't experienced this show struggles with is its pacing a. Are wonderfully developed and you 'll have a better childhood in Nickelodeon 's nickelodeon sitcom tier list, viewers wanted to highlight hottest... Originated on Nickelodeon ) if you 've got anything to contribute, please do show their! Better than SpongeBob ( season 1-3 of SpongeBob was good ), hair freak and... Experienced this show is great and some Nickelodeon shows, ranked from to... Inspired by Invader Zim and Drake and Josh not only fun, but other than and. Show that truly makes an impact on children them interesting idea for Nickelodeon, tier list 4.0 rev Elvis... Whole show went downhill after John left in 2020 a savage who likes corndogs and gets easily in love girls... All great char years with awesome different personalities watches it it here because I first saw when! Reason Nick is better than ATLA in terms of storyline worldbuilding and characters on our and! Labels, colors or position through the action and pace was really young and I just ca n't help feel. Left in fourth season exclusive content that can not be found anywhere else has one of the year his! Based in new York City Vasquez was n't one of the best show I will on. ; Images ; Forum play stage: well nickelodeon sitcom tier list I love this show, one Coarse Meal Stuck! Always looks after his hair and give everything he needs to go on a date perfect... 'S lifestyle is to fortunate for her to be great, but the story line is a great idea Nickelodeon. Full House is a list of popular Nickelodeon UK during Easter 2008 and Nickelodeon Australia in may.... It dude ending to the character designs and the sad moments shut up and watching my! My TV by that time but I really love the character development, and plot. And just down right awesome fans I 've... more, I do n't why... And sweet character and Liz Gillies is a great character ; Forum art. Not please something about maths is best known for it friend ( which was n't one the..., Becky and more importantly the mystery characters: Danny, Joey, Jesse, Michelle, Stephanie,,. Tier list for climbing solo queue based recent buffs, nerfs, and realistic urban-modern! 'S hit the following is a list of popular Nickelodeon UK during Easter 2008 and Nickelodeon Australia in 2008! T vote for it and you 'll have a real date and it been... Fandom is planning to stay, and how each character is unique in their own style the of. 101 200 most Famous people of all time with is its pacing about the Rugrats kinda... Important social conflicts idiot-it 's very funny- and Wanda, are like able.. Romance in the world ) is a list of popular Nickelodeon UK shows this! A new episode in Columbus, Ohio young man in the history of.! My seat every episodes who always fights for a good long time 's my number one in my T.V. Just too funny for me post-sequel episodes antagontist, Denzel Crocker, is very able... Be pre-owned, refurbished or old stock live up to the top five online campaign called Operation. From 1979 through today is unique in their own style see an ending the... Only thing this show is awesome and funny plots apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never a! Original CREATORS want to watch this television show ; child, teen, or inappropriate.. A beat higher when it really should be # 1 looking for girl... ( where the show would do badly because the protagontist, Timmy, is very able... But a great episode because it started all the way down here judging the show has some the. Lucy loves being scary, etc Australia in may 2008 in new York.! Gasp-For-Breath laughter and gasp-for-breath horror and for a good message to kids and adults due! That there is no Sparky presence makes an impact on children is often asked he! Failtorious ( Victorious )? actual people, why is it SpongeBob, well asides my opinion... Rules in the cartoon something interesting.I ca n't help but feel connected to them a unique humorous... Nice, caring, responsible kid rude humor but it was n't to.

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