My kids eat so many bananas that I rarely have any that get to the brown, or even freckled stage. Unless they’re well-disguised, they make me gag. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Thanks for sharing!-Luke Age 8, I am 3 days overdue to deliver our first baby and I’ve been busy in the kitchen! Celeste – I like the way you think, despite your affection for tinged green bananas. Times are hard and can’t find things. The bread tastes as delicious as it smells while baking. It’s not really curdled, it’s just that the bananas aren’t fully pureed. Finally, I agree with Julia that the batter was stunningly tasty, so I have especially high hopes for the finished product. Because 4 * 35 = 140, not 130. The chocolate part is SO CHOCOLATEY, and yet I was pleasantly surprised how “not too sweet” this tasted. Does anyone else bake in an OTG? still moist the following days, love this :), So, tonight was the third ‘make’ of this wonderful recipe. The apartment smells like heaven. It’s easy, faster and comes out great. I used mini loaf pans and cooked for about 38 minutes. I almost blasphemed during Lent because of this recipe. Why are people scares of older bananas? The weather is cold and clammy outside, but we are having banana bread heaven inside. I cooked the butter, brown sugar and bananas ahead of time until a little thicker and used only 1/2 cup of sugar (plus a little turbinado on top). Also, nuts are mandatory; I just will not be deprived of that toasted pecan deliciousness. Made this and it was delish! The sacrifices he makes … Yet another excellent recipe from SK. it’s now on permanent rotation in my house. Awesome! I ended up making this banana bread just to keep up with how quickly bananas would ripen. Without the nuts, it’s too banana-y, and I can’t choke it down. I’ve wanted to make this ever since I came across the recipe a few months ago, but I kept eating my bananas before they got ripe enough. Today is Wednesday. Do you have a cup measurement guesstimate on how much banana to use? This marbled bread was awesome and possibly even better than the Jacked Up Banana Bread. Would this work with the Lodge cast iron loaf pan L – 10.125″, W – 5″, H – 2.75″? They rose beautifully. Win-win! That was awesome. Jocelyn – Yeah, I saw. Thanks for the fantastic recipe. Just used this recipe to make muffins and they are amazing. Up to 1/2 teaspoon (1) nutmeg Too heavy with all the chocolate? The taste is great but I find the bread to be quite crumbly…is that what you experience also? Thanks Deb for the wonderful recipe. Nowadays, most of them are built in the walls of your smitten kitchen banana bread. Add 1 cup of the flour, stirring just until it disappears. Awesome! I can almost see someone *not* liking it because the flavor is so complex. I’ve had a craving to make banana bread for several weeks, and this recipe was the perfect fix. This is my first official Smitten recipe, though I’ve lost many hours clicking “surprise me” since I discovered you. I made these with Bob’s red mill gluten-free flour mix and they were fantastic. Bourbon and the spices really transform this banana bread into something special. Ha! thanks for sharing. Was just to die for! I surprisingly did not burn, or make a mess of the bread. Excited to see you in Boston. Sprinkle the baking soda and salt over the mixture and mix in. I’m sorry Deb! Both turned out oh so delicious, though I think my old bananas were probably even too old for Deb -they were seriously ancient- and turned the loaf very dark. Do you have any thoughts? Having a few days at home caring for my ill wife, I’ve made your Belgian Chocolate Cakelettes and the Roasted Pear and Chocolate Scones in the last 24 hours, and I ran out of butter. I’m curious about the addition of baking soda? Deb, you are not alone. I have made quite possibly the best pies all summer using your all-butter pie crust recipe (my own Father has confessed in secret it rivals my mom’s famed pies)…and now this. It’s so good everytime. I became obsessed; I loved the idea and I fiddled until I came up with a marble cake I loved, moist, deeply chocolaty in the dark swirls, but no throwaway blandness in the light ones… and then I added it to the book. Last time I used 1/2 whole wheat flour and added some walnuts and (unintentionally) forgot the cloves … what’s my plan today? I usually throw in walnuts, dark chocolate, and also cut up Trader Joe’s sea salt & turbinado sugar dark chocolate almonds–gives it just the right kick of salty & sweet! If you’re hoping to fully fill it, like even pumpkin bread-style (i.e. Thank you for such lovely recipes. Hmmm I made this last night with extra cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, and Scotch whisky instead of Bourbon – it smelt and tastes delicious but I think the whisky adds a slightly odd aftertaste that I can’t quite put my finger on and am not sure I’m a big fan of. Unbeatable recipe. Tag Archives: smitten kitchen banana bread Post navigation Tally Me Banana Bread. My marbling totally failed; it just became a chocolate banana cake. It’s my go to for spotty bananas and is requested so often by my now 4 year old that I regularly keep a supply in the freezer. Oh my goodness. With 2 tablespoons of bourbon. What surprised me that everything is still tasts amazing without it. What a wonderful coincidence! (I did test my baking soda with vinegar first because I wasn’t sure if it had gotten old…perhaps old baking soda might be the problem for some.) Is dark cocoa powder different than regular cocoa powder? I think she was talking about eno salt or fruit salt. Add the flour last, mix. I HAD to exclaim about these. You have made me a better friend as I have baked for every friend I have. I know this recipe has been on the site since 2006 but I just gotta say that this is the best banana bread ever! I added some blueberries and chopped walnuts. I made some this morning, swapped bourbon for brandy (because that’s all we had), and added some chocolate chips. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing! I’ve been a devoted reader of Smitten Kitchen for close to a decade, making (and obsessing over) everything from her confetti cookies to her meatloaf.Deb Perelman has published no fewer than four banana breads on her blog, plus a banana bread crepe cake and an upside-down banana cake (which both look equally intriguing). When my husband bit into his first piece he simultaneously let out an “Oh…WOW”. Hi Deb! I made this the other day, but threw in a swirl of bourbon brown sugar caramel and chocolate chips. I am bummed. I decided to give the marbled banana bread a try and I am so glad I did. I also added chopped walnuts and chocolate (very little, 1/4 to 1/3 cup of nuts, and someone like 2 tablespoons of chocolate chips the I chopped up smaller.) I love this recipe so much. Oh and finally I know that I needn’t throw out my bananas once they’ve passed the edible phase of bright yellow into the speckled baking goodness. Am baking a luscious loaf right now, for the third time! Was the partial replacement super maple syrup-y? And I’m so excited to eat it already. I think the top of the batter looks like it isn’t swirled enough compared to what has happened below the surface. My husband is going to love coming home to this, it made the whole house smell great. I subbed flax egg and coconut oil to make it vegan. It’s gotten to the point where I buy bananas and just wait for them to brown so I can turn them into this delicious bread. You ll have a little over 1 cup mashed banana total whisk in melted butter then brown sugar egg and vanilla. I had company over and it was gone in 30 minutes they couldn’t stop eating it so thank you for this recipe and your time for posting it. Delicious flavor wise – I subbed in amaretto for the bourbon, and added cardamom in place of your spices. Enjoy! Will definitely make again! I loved the addition of the spices, reminds me of the holiday. So moist. Hello! I’ve been contemplating making this for so long now. I go to google and type in “used baking powder…” and the third suggested search completion is “…instead of baking soda in banana bread” lol! Recipes. I don’t know what I did wrong! Mmmm…. Well – today I forgot the sugar. I didn’t have any chocolate chips on hand (terrible I know!) Bravo! Recipes. I particularly loved how you limited the number of bowls by starting with the same base batter. (Well, the perfect size for me to have 3 before bedtime last night…), Oh, and I used homemade Amaretto in place of the Bourbon. It is so incredibly moist! Made these as muffins (yum) and wanted to offer that I marbled the batter in the big bowl, roughly, before portioning it into the muffin cups. I just want to say : wow, 413 comments!! OK, Deb – I figured it out. This is my new go-to banana recipe. Whisk in brown sugar, egg, vanilla, baking soda, and salt until thoroughly combined. My ingredients were all room temperature, and the only changes I made was to use Jack Daniel’s whiskey. If you have a YouTube channel where you post food videos of any sort, I’d like to share your video content also on DNN. Recently, however, I was diagnosed with celiac disease (join the club, eh?) Can’t beat one bowl, one spoon. Made this today during my Seattle Snowmageddon 2019 baking and cooking marathon (lemon yogurt cake Friday, baked chicken meatballs last night, oatmeal cookie dough today, and now this) and It. Best banana bread by far so far! The texture was firm, no slightly-wobbly insides like I usually get when baking the banana bread in a 9”x5” loaf pan. A colleague asked me to bake this for her with walnuts. I have found baking and making things at home keeps us living large almost free!! I made this banana bread this morning seemed to be a hit with the family ( I don’t like bananas so I can’t personally vouch for the taste) I substituted coconut sugar for half the brown because I was on brown sugar which gave it a rich dark crust. Made this tonight. As an 18 year old aspiring baker- I gotta say your site has come in handy for me all of the time :D It’s so hard to find reliably delicious recipes online, but all of your recipes give me a great spring board with which I can mess around and put my own twist on things! I’m going to make another batch into mini-muffins w/cream cheese frosting to take to work. Speaking of marble cakes, Did you try Alice Medrich’s Tiger Cake during your latest bout of cake trials? I admit though, I did tweak it slightly. 55 / 2,300g left. I liked the moistness and flavor of this banana bread (I used half whole-wheat flour and 4 1/2 very small bananas). I added walnuts to the banana bread and it was delicious. But I’ma make this tomorrow, instead of chocolate chip cookies, with my one last egg. Your Banana Bread recipe was super delicious and easy to follow. This is by far the BEST banana bread ever. Then I bake it till they reach an internal temp of 210, which feels slightly overbaked based on regular baking techniques. I threw in a handful of chocolate chips, caked in flour so that they wouldn’t sink to the bottom. Another winning SK recipe! This is my favorite banana bread! As far as I am concerned they are right in their prime for eating. Surprisingly, the baking time is rarely very different, but you should begin watching it at the halfway point, just the same. :). I’m giving birth to twins in November and am trying to plan what I can bake/freeze in advance so I can bring the L&D nurses some treats. ;). I switched the bourbon for rum and it was amazing! Is there a reason for it? but my cake has trouble staying together – which never happens with my regular recipe (from Delia Smith). I know, I know that most people would pick those up only to walk them over to the trash. it will still be fantastic… LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!!! Otherwise It’s a tasty recipe though Id like to see how it’s be with walnut or almond time!! Pumpkin bread with chocolate is PERFECTION!! Questions for Deb: you often (always?) In a small bowl, combine butter & garlic powder until well mixed; brush on warm biscuits before removing from cookie sheet. Anything I should do differently? Have made it a few times in the last month. Baked for 24 min @ 350*F. Actually, my nine year old daughter made this as a Christmas present today, with almost zero assistance. I get my hair knocked back and now I’m questioning everything. Your writing and recipes are lovely and lip-smacking. Would be good with nuts too.

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