amazon_ad_logo="hide"; { If your car has a red line of 6000 rpm do you cruise down the highway at 5800? I realize no one wants to admit they spent a few hundred thousand dollars on a boat that they really are not happy with. If you own or have ever owned a Carver Yacht, share your pics and stories. Chat with fellow Carver owners about cruising destinations and more. Home Forums > DISCUSSIONS ON YACHT BUILDERS > Motor Yachts > Carver Yacht. For what it's worth, I've had my Carver for a year and a half and am still absolutely thrilled with it. AJ, You think anymore about making that walk thru? amazon_ad_width="728"; "No matter what brand boat you own, someone will find fault and trash it.". Hello everyone...still here! I have had my boat for 5 years now had like it very much.No issues at all. All the hardware, fittings, engines etc are bought from other vendors and they all use the same guys. I'm not sure I'd take too much stock in the lift operator. Learn More. The only reason i bought the boat i have now is it has diesels,And have been told the only one in the Greatlakes area with diesels. Carver Yachts Forum - Model Discussion The is the forum to discuss general information regarding all Carver Yachts. location = document.selecter6.select6.options[document.selecter6.select6.selectedIndex].value } Carver is a great boat. This is a meeting place for Carver Yacht Owners. Hell no. Never really thought about it but that's a great question!! Now, when a builder enters the larger boat market, particularly with boats priced well over 1/4 million, that attracts our interest. Haven't switched from ladder to stairs - no sure the knees could take the ladder while cooking all the time. You would kill it in no time.Again what i have learned over the years,talking to many mechanics in the buisiness for many years is to cruise at 20% of the top rpm for longevity.I am looking for a cruise speed of 25 mph. Not because we're interested in the higher rollers, but to see what a builder can get away with in this price range. It does whatever I ask it do without a complaint.