Amish Friendship Bread I - All Recipes. Pour into a greased, floured 9″ loaf pans. Fold wet ingredients into dry ingredients being careful not to over mix. A. Especially this bread. Really. Date and Pecan Amish Friendship Bread bowl. Thanks to a cinnamon-sugar topping, you get a great sweet crust on the top and a fluffy, tender inside. Amish Friendship Bread + 6 variations. Trusted Results with Amish friendship bread without pudding mix. Procrastibaker | Feb 28, 2008 05:46 AM 13. By á-48655. It’s also possible to make the original Amish Friendship Bread recipe WITHOUT pudding. In a separate bowl whisk together remaining dry ingredients. "Here is my recipe for the Amish Friendship Bread Variation. Log In Sign Up. Bake at 350º for 45-55 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. The recipe calls for a box of instant pudding. Show: Quick/Easy Kid Friendly With Photo By Professionals Flashback Friday ~Amish Friendship Bread Wakes up. Lemon Walnut Friendship Bread: Omit Cinnamon, Vanilla Pudding in basic recipe and add 1 teaspoon lemon extract, 1 package lemon pudding and one cup of chopped walnuts. Search Results for 'Amish friendship bread without pudding mix' showing 1 - 20 of 1000. To learn more about the pros and cons of using pudding, read more about why I include pudding in my Amish Friendship Bread recipes. Amish Friendship Bread, in all essence, is an edible chain letter. Before we get into the details of exactly what Amish Friendship Bread is, let me just say that this is one of the best quick breads that I've ever made! Umm Umm Good! Makes 2 loaves You don’t have to wait an additional tens days to bake – on the day that you split the starter (Day Ten), you can bake with the remaining batter instead of saving a bag for yourself. In a small bowl combine 1/4 cup brown sugar and 1 tsp cinnamon, sprinkle on top of batter. New to Chowhound? Kelly writes: "Lemon pudding and cranberries are my variation to the friendship bread!" And while I delete chain letters and “share if you agree” statuses on FB on principle, I’ll never, ever turn down bread. "Kelly Glasser. Sign up to discover your next favorite restaurant, recipe, or cookbook in the largest community of knowledgeable food enthusiasts. Q. I don’t have any instant pudding on hand but I have Jell-O gelatin. I remember eating it for weeks in middle school. - Recipe - Amish Friendship Bread Home > Recipes > Breads > Amish Friendship Bread.AMISH FRIENDSHIP BREAD. Will that work? It’s the best bread. 2 c. flour. Amish Friendship Bread-- Omit Pudding? For variations, add your favorite fruits and/or nuts! Sort: Popular Newest Rating. Hi there, I was just given a starter for this bread. Amish Friendship Bread Scones! It's so moist, so rich in flavor, and so warmly spiced for the season. A sweet cinnamon bread that requires a batch of Amish Friendship Bread Starter. Mix starter Susan Tompkins Apr 2011
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