Using Shell Type 3 (320 Damage): With 100% Crew: 380 m Stock tank battles (Standard B) have been filtered out based on an estimate of battles required to max-out the tank (139). Both and BiA: 1905.6 With wholly penetrating hits © 2011–2020 Great view range allowed the vehicle’s commander to coordinate the actions of the crew and to maintain situational awareness, greatly increasing the vehicle’s effectiveness. When facing heavy targets, try to flank them at all times and make every shot count. France. The Roanne factory was responsible for the final assemblage, most components were made elsewhere: the powerplant by t… Modules / Available Equipment and Consumables,, Excellent straight line speed, both forward and reverse, Large gun mantlet and sharp angles on the upper front plate are surprisingly bouncy, Weak armor everywhere but the turret front, Bad hull traverse, run rings in large diameter which can be tricky in cities and against fast turning tanks, Frontally mounted fuel tank and ammo rack next to the driver, leads to frequent fires and loss of ammo rack, Disappointing accuracy (same as Batchat 25t), unreliable for sniping, Has a dedicated loader unlike all tanks preceding it. If not, mount enhanced suspension, it is cheap and will allow faster progress to the 2nd gun if you don't already have it unlocked. With 100% Crew: 750 m Taugrim game play reviews the French AMX 30 1er prototype tier 9 medium tank as he takes us alongside 2 game play replays. Entwickelt als Teil einer Konkurrenzsuche für einen einheitlichen europäischen Panzer. With 75% Crew: 669.7 m With BiA: 0.319 m The compact chassis had torsion bar suspension with five road-wheels and two return rollers; the engine runs the length of the tank on the right side, with the driver on the left. Fight in 7vs7 team battles alone or with friends, research and upgrade armored vehicles, experiment with different tactics and win. Nominal DPM: 2099.2 When affected by 100% Relaying: 825 m Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Both and BiA: 2540.8 However the stock mobility is good enough to reach these required positions. Maximum possible: 1.918 s, With 50% Crew: 298.6 m Development. Using Shell Type 3 (320 Damage): 100% Crew: 2822.4 Your cupola can sometimes bounce, so hulldown positions with peeking and retreating are actually viable (your gun depression is good), and you can also quickly relocate when required. 100% Crew: 1881.6 For balance purposes, the characteristics of the AMX 30 1er prototype can be adjusted in future updates, if necessary. 75% Crew: 8.55 s 75% Crew: 1663.2 The armor of the vehicle was quite thin, but it was decided that technological advances in anti-tank shells had essentially rendered armor obsolete: survivability would depend on mobility and firepower. Rammer: 2752 Both and BiA: 2419.2 The AMX 30 1er prototype marks the end of its French medium line. Rammer: 2780.8 Maximum possible: 0.299 m, With 50% Crew: 2.973 s Rốt cuộc, AMX 30 … 伝説の戦車戦ゲーム! Both and BiA: 2179.2 The vehicle turned out to have maneuverability, engine power, and effective anti-tank engagement distance superior to all other vehicles except the Leopard 1. These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes. Your main weakness is a weak ammo rack which gets damaged quite often, so get safe stowage perk for your crew and bring repair kits, and, of course, try to avoid getting shot in the first place. ↑ AMX 30 1er prototype + 90 mm F3 初期状態。フランスによる欧州標準戦車の試作車輌。 ↑ AMX 30 A pré-série + 105 mm mle. 50% Crew: 2256 Ukázalo se, že vozidlo má lepší obratnost, výkon motoru a účinnou vzdálenost pro napadení jiných tanků, než všechna ostatní vozidla s výjimkou tanku Leopard 1. Both: 2486.4 Researching the 100 mm SA47 should be a main priority. as for the French Europanzer, the first prototype was built in 1961 and hosted a Sofam 12 GS, 720h engine. With 100% Crew: 0.326 m Characteristics are specified for vehicles with crews trained to 100%. Both and Max Crew %: 2229.6, Standard Gun It is clear that the AMX 30 1er prototype is played by better players than Standard B. 100% Crew: 2502.4 If you have free XP to unlock the tracks, do so. 50% Crew: 1272 ソロまたは友達と共に 7 対 7 の戦闘に参加し、装甲車輌の研究とアップグレードを行い、様々な戦術を試しながら勝利を掴みましょう。さあ、戦車を選んで戦場へ! Maximum possible: 544 m, With 50% Crew: 565.7 m French Tanks Medium Tanks Tank Reviews Tier 9. Both and Max Crew %: 2972.8, With 50% Crew: 0.421 m The prototypes were tested up to 1963. Selecting another region may affect the website content. Theoretical Damage Per Minute Both and BiA: 2145.6 Choose a tank and join the battle! A francia mérnökök úgy gondolták, hogy a lövedékek fejlődésével a mobilitáson és a tűzerőn múlik egy tank túlélő képessége. The armor of the vehicle was quite thin, but it was decided that technological advances in anti-tank shells had essentially rendered armor obsolete: survivability would depend on mobility and firepower. With Binocular Telescope: 475 m Both and Max Crew %: 3350.4, Theoretical Damage Per Minute Developed in 1966. AMX 30 1er prototype - I'm so confused - posted in Feedback / Suggestions: Ok, so I recently decided to go down the french light/medium tank line and Im grinding through the B-C 12t (love it, surprisingly) and I unlocked the AMX 30 prototype, even though I had very little interest in playing it because of its stats on paper (but you know, might as well unlock it while Im playing the B-C 12t). Theoretical Damage Per Minute Rammer: 6.81 s Rammer: 3100.8 De Gaulle decided that France, though formally remaining a member, would no longer participate in the NATO military organization. New Tier IX French medium tank AMX 30 1er Prototype was introduced to Supertest 4.5.0. With wholly penetrating hits The first prototype ran from 1948. This tank is all about making use of excellent speed and DPM. Nominal DPM: 1800 Both: 2131.2 Rammer: 2432 Vehicle configuration added to comparison, Add the vehicle with its basic configuration to comparison, Add the vehicle with its current configuration to comparison. Both: 2806.4 The legendary tank shooter. Outside of a crew of 1 commander only, 100% crew is a fiction. It combines acceptable penetration (248mm) with good alpha and outstanding rate of fire to make the AMX 30 Prototype a medium with a nasty punch for unsuspecting enemies. Az AMX 30 1er prototype a 9.7-es verzióval vált elérhetővé tier 9-es medium tankként. Maximum possible: 1079.2 m. The AMX 30 1er prototype is a French tier 9 medium tank. Both: 2104.8 If you played through AMX 50 100 or Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP, you should have this gun readily available. 50% Crew: 1692 First-shot DPM: 2419.2 AMX 30 1er prototype 'Intrepid' Remodel for the tier 9 French medium, AMX 30 1er prototype. All rights reserved. Research and mount the 100 mm SA47 gun for a much needed boost in penetration and damage. Vents: 2236.8 Vents: 1920 With GLD: 2.092 s 100% Crew: 2188.8 50% Crew: 2016 Developed as part of a competitive search for a unified European tank. German defence minister Franz Josef Strauss began to oppose the common tank project. With 100% Crew: 2.301 s Advantageous Damage Per Minute Using Shell Type 1 (240 Damage): Theoretical Damage Per Minute 75% Crew: 2217.6 This page has been accessed 74,618 times. AMX 30 1er prototype, từ đặc tính chính đến hiệu suất chiến đấu. 50% Crew: 1512 With both and GLD: 2.001 s F1 最終状態。主力戦車AMX 30 Aの史実装備。 Leopard 1のような戦後の主力戦車らしいルックスになった。 ちなみに105 mm mle. Note that the gun is too heavy to be initially mounted so the tracks should be researched or Enhanced Suspension mounted (it is cheap anyway). Advantageous Damage Per Minute The technical characteristics are displayed for the charged turbine mode. Both and BiA: 3225.6 Both and Max Crew %: 3030.4 Ennek megfelelően a páncélra nem fordítottak komoly hangsúlyt. First-shot DPM: 1814.4 Rangsorolt csaták 2020/2021 - Indul az 2. szezon. Get the 25T AP and grind to the BatChat 25t, get the AMX 30 and enjoy it right where it is at tier IX. The vehicle turned out to have maneuverability, engine power, and effective anti-tank engagement distance superior to all other vehicles except the Leopard 1. 50% Crew: 1936 Blitz AMX 30 1er prototype - read more about AMX 30 1er prototype, play free mobile online mmo game for ios and android 50% Crew: 1452 Your local time is indicated: (UTC ) Ratings are adjusted once per day ": : Ratings. it show many feature that was proposed on the AMX-30. Được phát triển như một phần của cuộc chạy đua chế tạo xe tăng đa nhiệm chủ lực của các nước châu Âu. 100% Crew: 2116.8 100% Crew Es stellte sich heraus, dass dieses Fahrzeug allen anderen Fahrzeugen in Beweglichkeit, Motorleistung und Entfernung zur erfolgreichen Panzerabwehr überlegen war, außer dem Leopard 1. Vents: 2880 The vehicle turned out to have maneuverability, engine power, and effective anti-tank engagement distance superior to all other vehicles except the Leopard 1. AMX 30 1er prototype. v4.8より実装されたTier9フランス中戦車。 AMX社が開発した主力戦車AMX-30の初期試作車両である。 Leopard 1といった戦後車両らしい洗練されたルックスになった。 公式解説 Leopard 1 に乗った皆さんが熟練した敵と出会ったことがあるならば、この中戦車の特性がすぐに分かることでしょう。 砲弾がどこからともなく飛んできて、周囲を見回しても、攻撃者は既に丘の陰に隠れた後です。どうやってそれが可能かを考えても時間の無駄にしかならないでしょう。 AMX 30 1er prototype はこうしたトリック … AMX 30 1er prototype. this is the upcoming tier 9 medium tank, the “first prototype” of AMX-30. Characteristics are specified for Rapid mode. Developed as part of a competitive search for a unified European tank. Vents: 2560 IX. The tank was designed at the Atelier de Construction d'Issy-les-Moulineaux (AMX) in 1946 to meet a requirement for an air-portable vehicle to support paratroopers. Player rating on AMX 30 1er prototype . It will be unlocked from AMX-13/90. Developed as part of a competitive search for a unified European tank. There's absolutely no way this thing has the same dispersion as the Strv 74's 75mm laser gun, and there's no way it's got the same aim time as the FCM 50t. 75% Crew: 1903.2 In July 1963, the defence committee of the German Bundesratdecide… Since your hull armor is weak, try to avoid engaging enemies head-on in the open, unless you have more HP or can quickly finish them with your DPM. 50% Crew: 1696 Nominal DPM: 2400 Advantageous Damage Per Minute The vehicle was the predecessor of the Leopard medium tank. Both and Max Crew %: 2652.8 The tier X BatChat is a 100% upgrade to the tier IX, I highly recommend you get it, the AMX 30 Prototype is excellent at tier IX, but you can stop there. Top of the Tree: FV217 Badger (11.05-12.05) V. Morphelo emlékverseny. AMX 30 1er Prototype 105mm gun handling (self.WorldofTanks) submitted 2 years ago by Patsy02. With 75% Crew: 2.596 s Nominal: 7.9 s Both: 3161.6 This caused a rift between France and West Germany, which then started to emphasize standardization with American equipment, especially in armament, and to follow the new NATO policy to use multifuel diesel engines.
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