link: 'Review our policies' Make sure you follow the guidance set out in this article and provided by your local authorities if you do plan to have a bonfire, or consider alternative means to eliminate the challenges altogether. Lets see what effect it generates, KABOOM? Yes that's right I have burned them regularly on my stove, they're OK window.addEventListener("load", function () { These regulations are essential for ensuring you don’t put your and others’ wellbeing at risk. However, there are rules in place to prevent bonfires from causing a nuisance to neighbours or a hazard to safety, and there are certain types of … .wp-block-image figure.alignleft{ Each type of log has a fixed burning timer; the better the log, the longer a fire will burn. Don't wait for Guy Fawkes Night, says our gardening guru, a fire in the garden will burn waste all year round - and slugs can't stand the ash. a large drum would be good, like you see the bums standing around in movies, I have heard them called burn barrels by farmers, others would call it a 55 gallon drum. A … display:block; Do not leave the fire unattended at any time. Nothing, however, beats old skip wood / builders timber as kindling (remember not to burn treated or painted timber though). You should also be aware of current recommendations during the COVID-19 lockdown. Before starting up a fire, you should first think about whether you can take waste to your local tip or recycling centre. Is the brown foliage a sign that the branch is dead and no new growth will emerge. So the answer is yes, you are allowed, so long as you respect basic safety rules. Using logs with a bonfire instead of starting a new fire grants the following experience values. You must not burn household waste, e.g. There are many other ways you can dispose of business waste. Pour lots of water on the bonfire to drown all embers. According to government guidance, there are no laws that prohibit you from burning rubbish and lighting bonfires in your garden. Pour water into the campfire until the hissing sound stops. (Outdoor fires, such as bonfires, won’t have a build-up problem but if you burn it fresh/green, it will give off clouds of smoke and spit furiously.) } Allow the wood to burn completely to ash if possible. Despite this, you should follow current guidance about avoiding bonfires. Use your general waste and recycling bins, as well as garden waste bin and/or food waste bin if you have them. }, You can add shredded garden waste to it too. While a bonfire may seem like a quick, easy, and even novel way for disposing of waste, as you’ve learnt here there are rules in place to prevent it from being a nuisance or posing risks. So, with the weather being so nice the question of whether we can enjoy a BBQ have been asked as well as if we can light a bonfire after spending time having a … Garden bonfires produce smoke and smells, which can annoy neighbours as well as damage the environment. Always burn conifers if I have it in stock as it saves using hardwood which I sell to paying customers. arfur. Bonfire night in the UK falls on November 5 each year and goes back hundreds of years in British tradition and history. From 2 nd December 2019, new legislation is in force which covers what kind of material you can burn in the open air (a bonfire) and how it must be burnt. Green waste such as fresh conifer clippings will cause thick smoke, harmful to humans and the environment. Instead, put garden waste on the garden compost or add it to the council's green waste collection. Andy Murray awarded a wildcard for February's Australian Open, Why I received Russia's 'Sputnik' coronavirus vaccine before Vladimir Putin, SNP ministers 'exploring options' around re-entering Scotland in EU student exchange scheme, Scottish clinicians reveal grave fears that NHS facing winter 'perfect storm', For instant advice on how to encourage wildlife in your garden and biodiversity on your doorstep, visit the new. }, margin: 0; You may want to keep them inside. Burning domestic waste. Doing so can create fumes and pollutants that can harm people, as well as pets and any nearby wildlife. "button": { #navContent ul li ul, #navContentMobile ul li ul { It makes sense to take measures to landscape your property with shrubs, trees, perennials, and succulents that may, in some cases, possibly save your house from burning down . Liz has been writing for the Hub since 2014 and specialises in writing about technical topics in a style anyone can understand. You should also be aware that you’re not permitted to burn waste from other households (such as waste from a neighbour) or from trade or business activities. This will enable you to fit more into the bin, keep it out of the way in a bag, dry it out and burn it easier, or even reuse it in your garden or composting. Hero Member Offline Posts: 5520. Giving them prior warning ensures they aren’t unnecessarily called out. Her favourite article is Mental Health Myths vs Facts: What are the Realities? It creates smaller amounts of ash compared to other materials you can burn, which is great when it comes to cleaning up the fire pit afterward too! Garden trimmings that are still green and wet can give off lots of smoke, and materials like plastics and rubber create poisonous chemicals when they are burnt. For example, a worm compost bin is suitable for vegetable peelings, fruits and vegetables, and waste paper and cardboard, but not for cooked food, meat, or dairy products. } To help you squeeze as much joy as is humanly possible out of Bonfire Night on Thursday we've scoured the Internet for alternative ideas. If you are aware of a council tenant having a bonfire you can email the Anti-social Behaviour Team or call them on 01293 438438. "href": "", .wp-block-image.alignfull, .wp-block-image.alignwide { Some companies may be affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic, but it doesn’t hurt to call around and ask. Hi. But what isn’t immediately apparent is that there are some woods that you shouldn’t burn on a woodburner. A bonfire can be an environmentally sound way of getting rid of garden material. April is usually the worst month for brush fires. "background": "#252e39" }) window.cookieconsent.initialise({ text-align: right; Early Summer during a very rare warm and dry spell a spark from a nearby buidlers fire set off all the dead & dry leaf from our conifer. Are your neighbours planning to use their garden? If you’re thinking about having a bonfire – whether it’s to burn the remains of your pruned hedges, to celebrate the 5th of November, or because your local tips are closed amidst the COVID-19 pandemic – you should familiarise yourself with the current guidance as set out by local fire safety authorities and environmental regulations.
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