This has been a problem with cloned keys in the past and National chains tend to clone, instead of programme directly into the memory. In short , it makes tick noise from the battery as soon as I turn the ignition on , it starts otherwise it remains unresponsive . If you need a new Key battery, check out our Resources page which will take you to our Amazon Store. Driving home the over night when the battery light came on it then started coming on and of as i drove after a while some of the other lights started to come on randomly as ABS etc etc, i pulled over to let a car go by and lost the power steering for a few seconds but then came back, so drove straight home. Has anyone else come across this problem before or have any suggestions on how I might fix it. Therefore, even if you have problems with the key falling apart, or buttons not working, this shouldn’t effect the car or van starting. 2010 Fiesta TDCI is having serious intermittent start problems. I have replaced the ignition barrel on a Mondeo 2002. A good Auto Locksmith should be happy to test it. Hi Ramesh, they key wouldn’t cause these problems. Thank you, Hi my 2007 ford connects dash board light kept flickering so I took it apart and fixed the problem ( loose cable ) and now it wont start any ideas as to what this could be thanks. The central locking now works all lights etc work but still cannot start the engine. On turning the key off and then on it appeared as thought something in the key barrel was preventing the key from turning at all. By continuing to drive with just the battery powering the electrics you have flattened the battery. Anyway turns out they don’t want the car back so I could keep it. There are two ways to do it. No immobiliser problems going by your description. It did run out of power a couple of months ago and I recharged the battery, all lights on and no power issues now, but fails to start on a regular basis, getting very frustrating as no engine issues when it does work. But as I'm driving, the red emergency brake light on the dash ... . do the lights on the dashboard come on? The battery warning light came on because the alternator has stopped working, either because it has failed, or the belt is loose or has snapped. I have not been able to find any further information about this, do you have any knowledge of this system and if this is likely to occur? light flashes while driving tho does go off when im crawling along . I cannot understand why you would ask such a question on this site. Was on holiday on the south coast and on last day keys opened car but said engine immobilised. Hi, Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the on position, which activates your accessories but not the engine. Once your immobiliser lite start flashing it means you have a factory security problem.Nobody but Ford can fix it! Hello Ashleigh. Hi my car doesn’t want to start it shows the lock key what should u do? What are my options? Hi, on a caravan holiday 3 hours from home with kids. 2004 Ford Focus LX, is sputtering while driving, now engine light is on, flashing occasionally and it is idling hard and has loss of power while driving. It starts. Tried to start it, at first the car tried to start but the battery was dead. Then he said it’s the keys. Plus, if you lose your key out in the water, you’ll have a problem. After a few minutes wait the car started normally. They provide an affiliate commission to the owners of this site should you make a purchase. So I am left with no car (sold old one thinking it would be fine after new battery!). Immobiliser light flashing. Replace fuses, new battery, new key ?…please advise. There are three things the Ford immobiliser light will do. If there’s no communication, then it normally means there is a problem on the car. My 2011 Focus Titanium has a recurring issue, whereby the key fob will not open my car, doesn’t respond at all to pressing the buttons on the fob. What do i do? We hope this has helped. Car is not starting. When I try and start engine ignition lights come on but when I turn key to crank engine immobiliser light flashes faster than usual and it’s as if engine dead what do I do. On parking up and truning the car of, left it a few minutes and tried starting again. Sorry I’ve just seen this. Leave the key in this position for at least 10 minutes. So the intention is I can get a manual key which will get wet, soaking wet. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. on driving in to my driveway lost the poser steering again. Not heavy damage, no structural damge to chassis or inner wimgs etc. He at first said start motor? Would really appreciate if you could help as i’m unable to use the car at the moment. It may be worth trying one as they only cost about £20 and are very easy to change, Many thanks I’ll have a look in the morning, however I have no idea at present what it looks like or how to get it out. These have a new type of chip, that is on all french vehicles and the scourge of the motor trade. How good are Ford Keys compared to other keys? In the past they have suffererd from poor life, and we’ve seen many cloned keys that stop giving out a signal one day. Engine Warning Light was flashing. Tried my key to start my car and nothing. Lastly the question is ‘should I be leaving my car keys inside my car?’ Had no signs of any problems with the car. Key still works to lock and unlock the van but will not crank at all In this video I show you just how simple this fix is for what is becoming a common issue on the Ford Focus. Check handbook.” I noticed that the metal sprout of my key shakes freely at the point where it is attached to the plastic hold. Any questions please leave in the comments below. I got it home and now won’t crank but have replaced starter, earthed everything again checked all fuses and relays so believable it’s the immobiliser and does flash fast on the dash, I’m looking for any help to get the car started thanks, Hi Paul. From your description of events there is obviously something seriously wrong and if you power steering and ABS fail when you doing 70 down the motoway you find yourself (and others) with even more serious issues. Or maybe he’s had a bad experience of cloning a key, and it not working after a few attempts. the first thing that needs to be done is to monitor the immobilsor light , turn the ignition on -- the light will flash rapidlly --- leave the light flashing for 1 minute. Panels replaced (wing headlight bonnet) Have reset the airbag modul amd all airbags. Hi Ian, it sounds like the immobiliser isn’t getting woken up. The immobilizer key/car light is flashing and flashes rapaidly when trying to start the car. Help. I had assumed this was a battery issue, but have previously made use of my breakdown cover to bring out a guy who jumpstarted the car, which then worked – he checked the battery there and then and there was no issue with it. Drive home was only 7 miles. It’s located on your dash and will have a blue or red light. Any ideas. Hi Steve, we’ve just purchased a 2009 Ka Studio for our daughter – no problem with starting but we only have one key, I don’t believe the car was ever fitted with central locking, but I believe it should have an immobilizer – the key we have looks very basic and I can’t see an obvious red or blue square to show that its programmable for the immobilizer. Ford Explorer and other's fords 4x4. When this type of key is dropped and damaged, the chip does fail and the van will not start. If this happens then the car does not recognise the key. Please note that we have not been given any free products, services, or anything else by these companies in exchange for mentioning them on the site. If it displays all the signs along with tick noise from battery as soon as I turn on ignition on . We started to see problems with Ford car keys caused by cloned keys and they are still a major issue, in our opinion. Radio worked at first but not after the rac had tried various attempts to solve the problem. The transponder chips are excellent quality. I had start problems with my diesel, also with the flashing light. Hi Melvill, we’ve seen this before I just stopped the car, turned it off then started it again normally and the light didn't come on. These keys are very delicate inside and we’re starting to see car key breakdowns, caused by a failure of the key. This could by a damaged belt or tensioner. Why. A good Auto Locksmith can do this for you, Your email address will not be published. I have a 13 ford focus se and am getting the ” no key detected ” reading on dash. He tried to use a diagnostic computer and it won’t connect to the car. Getting a spare key can be a bit tricky, depending on where you are. I have tried to place the key inside the detector hub by the wheel but no lights or any response at all from the car. All lights come on as normal and when turning key to start I get a few beeps and the error message. Required fields are marked *,, Sit inside and close all the doors. No fuel cut off swith. Then that flash light (immobolizer) flashes too much. Sometimes, if a Ford Focus or Mondeo has been stood for a long time and the battery has gone flat, the car forgets the keys. The issue has recurred variously in different conditions, times of day/year, seemingly no trigger for it that I can see. no immobiliser red light at all on my transit obviously wont start all dash lights come on with key any ideas please, Hi, what is the year of the van, or the reg please, i have an issue with my ford mondeo mk4 2008 titanium. It predominantly plays up in supermarket car parks ive noticed though not all the time. Hi Troy., Hi Steve Take it to a local Timpsons or a car key shop and ask them to check whether the chip reads ok. Hi, I have a 2006 fiesta tdi. Had RAC out. Immobiliser light flashes very quickly, I still have key that use to start it & have held it close to ignition to send signal but still no start? Do you know how to read Ford flash codes ? Considering you said you lost power assisted steering, I am going to venture a guess that the accessories belt is slipping and not running the alternator and power steering pump at full speed. 05 Ford Focus stalls while driving. I have now charged the battery with battery charger. The light came back on a day later and started showing lack of … Other color LED lights also come active when the door is left open. If this happens, the car is happy with the key and you don’t have a car key problem. When the car won’t start and it won’t crank, have you noticed what the immobiliser light does? It was oxidised and needed a clean. Hi Jody, sorry been away for a few days. The only consideration is in the form of affiliate commissions. Make, model and year? If I buy a new one form Amazon or similar and follow your video to code central locking will that also enable the new key to start the car? This is not the first this occurred but usually when it does, I turn the car off, then start it back up and it runs fine. Is Ford a good car brand for an investment? What does it do on your car? The message centre displayed: ... Ford Focus TDCI cuts out when driving -glow plug indicator flashe. Can you advise please? Code 16 looks like it’s a key fault. Hi James, it’s a frustrating problem by the sound of it. Leave the key in position for about 10 – 15 minutes. Wondered if you could help me, i have a kit car with a focus 1.8 Zetec in, iv’e had a intermittent starting problem for some time now All these keys need a good quality CR2032, and anything without a good brand should be thrown in the bin! Checked the fuses, no issues there. That's why the ABS light started flashing. I insert the key, the lights on the dashboard come on, but when I turn the key to start the car it won’t even crank and on the display, it brings the message, “Immobiliser active. This morning when I tried to start my 2006 Ford Fiesta 1.4 the immobiliser light was flashing rapidly and car wouldn't start. They have a display that will tell you what the problem is. When the light comes on after the battery, the other systems aren't getting enough power to sufficiently operate them, so the computer throws a code and the light comes on. This is normal and means the immobiliser is set. So yes, what you want to do is normal. The cheaper but much more long winded way is to change everything you mention, I have a Ford ka Streetwise convertible 05 reg. However since this has happened several times it is only a matter of time before we are stranded. I have had a really rubbish time in my life in the past couple of years and now I have lost my car and my freedom and just want the thing to work! Key fob wouldn’t open car so used the key from.inside the fob. Vauxhall Vectra 2002-2008 Car Keys Price and Problems. Hi Chris, does the car turn over? Iv’e discovered that when it wont start the immobiliser light flashes fast and when it lights up and goes out it starts fine. Ford dealer already replaced Alternator which did not fix the problem. Turn the key in the ignition till the lights on the dash come on and press one of buttons on the key fob until the car locks and unlocks. This Ford Focus instrument cluster is a very common failure, this will cause an intermittent failure of all instruments, lights and gauges. I drive a Ford Focus 2013 model. I don't know about your car but lots of modern cars use electric power steering pumps so the steering would get heavier as the battery power ebbs away. I have a 2016 Ford Focus zetec s. I have an intermittent fault that is getting more frequent. Hi Kristian. There are a couple of different questions here really. Hi Steve, What i need to do? The video shows you how to code in the buttons, which is needed sometimes when the battery dies, However, there is also a chip inside that works the immobiliser, and that needs to coded with a computer. Posted by gavin tsang on Oct 07, 2012. And now nothing. Check engine light was on so had it hooked up and got a code. Primarily the ABS, Air Bag, and "THEFT" lights will come on first. Can you please advise? It sounds like the chip inside the key needs programming to start the car. With it being red I am going to say the icon is most likely a brake issue, which is most likely low brake fluid, but you need to reach into your glove box and get your owners manual and it will tell you exactly what the icon means. However, we’re starting to see issues with the newer style of Ford car keys, both the standard flip key and the proximity, or ‘smart’ keys that were introduced around 2010. Do you still need help? We’ll make sure that it’s working as intended or get started on fixing it. When that light came on the battery was all that was powering the car's electrics. Nor does it alter the integrity of the information we provide. If the key is left in the ignition for around 20 seconds before starting it will fire up ok. Not a key issue, Managed to find an issue with the ign switch not getting any power. Hello, has the battery on the car been flat? i have a ford focus zetec 2004 model. I should really get to reading the car's manual. Thank you Please can you help? In 15 years I’ve seen a couple. Hi… please please help! AM radio in my 1985 Ford F-150 works, but FM is nothing but static! I’ll try and find out more a reply later on. drove a 40mile round trip today then after starting car again engine managment light started flashing and car was stuttery when pulling away almost like fuel starvation issue tho this could not be the case as tanks 1/2 full. You need someone to read the key in a transponder tester. Still have questions? There’s a possibility that the switch on the back of the ignition lock is playing up. Yes, most likely you need a new key. Cloning chips fail, and whenever we attend a car key breakdown on a Ford, it’s normally a cloned car key problem. Make sure all the pulleys that the belt runs on spin freely and smoothly. It may have something to do with anti-theft, because sometimes the vehicle won't start at all, but if you keep locking and unlocking the doors, eventually you can get it started. Can you advise please? Did you find out? Hi, sorry fro the delay in replying. There appeared to be no solution. The other way is to contact a local Auto Locksmith. Hi sharon, sorry for the delay in seeing this. he charged us £20 call out and left. Initially I thought it was the boot after putting the shopping in there first without opening any other door first but it proved me wrong yesterday. Connected a new lead from the ign fuse to the ing switch, and the lights all come up on the dash. and it seems to have got worse, We tried to start the car with my wife’s key, but there was no change. please help. Take to the dealer. The PATS light flashes quickly and the car won’t crank. With no keys in the ignition, or the car locked up, the red light will flash once every second. AA guy had a hunch that system tried to shut down during the journey as key chip suddenly not recognised. I suspected as much, the gentleman was genuinely concerned and actually talked himself out of a sale! It’s trickier than a standard Ford, but we do lots of them so hopefully this won’t be a problem for you. There are three things the Ford immobiliser light will do. Again, many thanks for your advice. That will identify the key has been recoded to the car. Coming home the over night the Battery light lite up occsionally it would go out. (Well recycled in a car key battery facility!). The car will not crank and this will look like a key problem. the first is to clone the key. just broke down today and car would not start although AA could turn the engine over by other means so not battery related. What can be the issue. Car has been in an accident and airbags deployed. The horn no lights radio nothing is working. If the immobilizer light doesn't stop flashing, leave your car on for one hour and repeat. Amy, Hi Amy. Hi Steve, So it isn’t the key. Hi Lorraine, this is a bit odd. No not a key issue, but not a clue what it could be, sorry. There are two ways of getting a key. Any information would be useful. Have a Ford S Max 55 plate. Hi Martyn, have you tried replacing the electric switch on the back of the car? Ford transit mk7 I got it home and checked for diagnostic codes with a suitable instrument. it will the give you a flash code eg-- 1 flash ( pause ) then 5 flashes -- this indicates falsh code 15. Hi Hi Richard, sorry for the delay in replying, I have been away. Unfortunately not. Hi Sharon. Key problem or dodgey wiring Eventually it will fail altogether. Please help, Hi Jennifer. Put the key in the ignition and turn. Three to four days later driving at night the dash lights and headlights flashed off for a second, very scary, I was on a back country road!! These indicator lights are there for a reason. Thank you. However, lots of surfers and sailors manage this problem and it sounds like you are happy with your way of enjoying a bit of surfing, it sounds like fun! Click Here to find out. The dashes where the miles should be are sometimes caused by a comms problem. Thank you. I’m not hugely car-literate so plain English and precise solutions would be great please! Changed it and nothing. There is no sound when trying to start the car. Sounds like the computer modules in the car might not be getting enough voltage. The newer Ford cars do not have an immobiliser light. What year of car is it please? Basically, a couple of months ago, I was driving and felt a loss of power. Does the car try and crank? All the dash lights came on, together with a loud pink-pong warning noise, very disconcerting. Ford Focus tdci zetec 2005 - immobiliser problem. The easy but expensive way is buy a new ECU and have it programmed by a professional with the correct equipment. The increase in proximity smart keys is causing a big problem for owners. I can hear from the engine compartment some clicks, I guess that would be relays switching, I could be wrong. The red light flashes once a second and when the key is inserted and turned nothing changes with the red light. Hi I have a Ford Focus 1.8 tacit mk2 and battery light came on and was told alternator so replaced it and seemed to work but then while driving the power went off and stopped working. There are other blinking red LED lights on the dashboard as well. Browse our Vehicle Service Blogs! This can only be done with a computer, Hi Steve I have a focus mk2 08 tdci I’ve been told my ECU needs changing and told I need these parts to ecu,fuse box,ignition barrel and keys,clocks,key reader,boot lock ,drivers door lock can you confirm, Hi Wendy When the ign is turned to off. Hi, does the key turn in the lock? I have never heard of the ‘lock down’ problem an I think the person has been told an old wives tale. My local garage had a look, told me to replace the whole instrument panel, cost £500 ! Since last few days the car is driving funny following are the issues I have noticed 1. What do you think of the answers? We don’t believe that the quality of the chips are as good as a proper Ford transponder chip. Which is also why the immobiliser light is flashing, and the car will not start. I have a 2006 Ford Focus wagon (HatchBack) and it has 131,000 Kms on it. I rang Ford dealer he basically said I would have to get car there and it would be a costly process to try and find the fault without it recognising the computer. I bit the bullet an got a new starter motor installed on the advice of 2 friends at my local trusted garage and it worked fine for them but the first 2 times I tried it wouldn’t start. Get answers by asking now. Key not detected. However, before you spend a lot of money on one, make sure you put a new car key battery inside. If they are good, they’ll have the equipment to make a chip and code it to the car. Hi David. Ignition lights come on but no crank. Hm. Hi My Immobiliser light keeps flashing whilst driving once every second or two. If you have a keyless Ford car, you should click here. Thanks John. On other occasions the issue has occurred on a Friday night, I’ve thought “I’ll leave it til Monday”, but have returned days later and everything works fine. Hi Hollie Well the fact that it starts sometimes is good because you know the key is coded ok. We see lots of Ford Fiesta cars, but haven’t seen this problem, sorry! Insert the key into the ignition and turn it on to the position where the accessories are activated but not the engine. Morning Christine, sorry we’ve been away. Hi Ash. Could you please help me try to resolve this issue. Hi Steve. Hi Bumpy kind of driving. If I’m correct and it’s the key, the only answer is a new one I’m afraid. This time, when you turn the ignition on, the light flashes very quickly, about four times faster than before. Any ideas? Hi. All the best :). Want Answer 0. hi , new to this but needin advice . turned out to be the earth connection from the battery to the cars body. Hi My Immobiliser light keeps flashing whilst driving once every second or two. Hi Adrian, I’m sorry I’ve away on holiday. It sounds like one of the units is staying asleep instead of being powered up. There are more Ford cars in the UK than any other make, and so more Ford cloned keys than any other. Flashing 4x4 Light Fix. The immobiliser works by preventing the starter motor, among other things, from working. Bought it as 2nd car so hasn’t been started in over a week cud this be why this problem happened. If you have VVT, it may be having issues. He did say to check for fuses gone and to maybe try to connect battery cables together for a minute but nothing works. This time after shutting it off the car will not start. Recently the car had gotten some water inside of it, but all other electronics are working fine. Hi Dan. Hi Steve. Is it trying to start? Basically, a couple of months ago, I was driving and felt a loss of power. Any ideas to what is causing this? Hi Steve, really hoping you can help after just reading your article on Ford Key issues. Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered. I kept on just fiddling with it by turning it off and on again. I have a 2008 1.8 TDCI Ford Focus and it doesnt want to start all the time. Hello, I have a Ford C max Zetec 2010 which has just developed a similar serious problem. I’d find a real auto Locksmith, instead of key cutter, we wrote this article that may help I can see why you want to do it. Intermittently the car won’t start. The car will tell you what’s up if you can read the code. Is there a way of knowing if its definitely the key or the immobiliser thats at fault before I shed out £175 on a replacement key? Once inside, car wont start at all. Hi iv`e searched the forums and can`t seem to find a definitive answer, my 2004 tdci focus has developed a fault which is getting worse, key in ignition, switch on, turn to start position and nothing, red light above clock stays lit, on and off many times and all of a sudden starts!
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