It This name generator will generate 10 royal or posh names. He probably intended to use the name Innogen, a legendary figure whose name was derived from a Celtic word "inghean" meaning "maiden", but the name was misprinted as "Imogen". This quiz is jolly good old chap. This very charming name means different things for different countries. Imogens are soooo cute and adorable. 62. Imogen in Cymbeline is paired with a character with the epithet "Leonatus". Don't be fooled if someone suggests Cecilia or Rupert. Her last name … by Eleanor Nickerson, British Baby Names The following names are the names most indicative of the upper class in Britain over the last thirty years based on peerage birth announcements compared with national statistics. Righty-ho! They don't know what they're talking about - these are the real deal. I really like it and have Scottish heritage, but I didn’t realise until recently that some people consider it a very posh name. Ok, so I need some posh/upper class names for my drama production :) Names like..Beatrice, Lucinda, George and William :) As many as you can please :) x Imogen is a Christian Girl name and it is an English originated name with multiple meanings. With another name originating from English origin, the meaning behind the name ‘son of Maud’ may not seem posh, but the name definitely is! Infographic of Imogen name meaning, which is A character in Shakespeare’s Cijmhel- ine. Imogen: Imogen, meaning ‘maiden’, has connotations of a perfect woman, as exemplified by the great playwright, Shakespeare himself. A special name that is sure to be loved. Literary: the name has connotations of the perfect heroine as used in Shakespeare's play "Cymbeline" and Sir Walter Scott's novel "The Heart of Midlothian". Looking for a … Imogen by Herbert Gustave Schmalz. Some are even centuries old. If you're having a baby next year, we've done the hard work for you and picked out some of the poshest names known to man. Yes, they're all real. I like a lot of the names though - Alice, Beatrice, Charlotte, Clara, Eleanor, Genevieve, and Katherine are all on my favourites list, and most of the others are quite nice too. Top posh baby names for 2017. Getty Images/iStockphoto Sportactive Image: Stuart C. … How popular is the name Imogen? Antoinette. Famous Imogens include actresses Imogen Stubbs and Imogen Hassall and singer-songwriter Imogen Heap. 2 years ago. Sue Birtwistle 66. She can't be called Catherine, Kat, Katie, Katarina or anything along those lines because another character is called that. Maddison Avenue is a well known street of upperclass Manhattan, New York, hence you cannot get any posher than that! Imogen is a rather unusual and old-fashioned sounding name that would be an ideal choice for parents who are looking for something not widely used. Saturday 31 December 2016 . Imogen meaning has been searched 5281 five thousand two hundred and eighty-one times till 12 September, 2020. It is chiefly used as a given name in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Austria, Belgium, and Switzerland.The spelling Imogene predominates in the English-speaking West Indies. From the Celtic name Innogen which derives from "inghean". I have an Imogen with no middle name - I do sometimes threaten her to put patience in there though (Imogen patience) as she is the most inpatient madam at times lol! [ Read: Baby Names That Mean Smart] 61. Posh definition is - elegant, fashionable. Can also mean innocent.. too many baby name websites have been looked at through this pregnancy It’s been nearly 250 years since we declared our independence from England, but that doesn’t mean we can't borrow some British panache. 31 Dec 2016. I really like the old English names and would like to avoid modern names. Actresses Imogene Coca, Imogen Stubbs. I actually wonder how much the name is affecting her.
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